Zyp-Zyp Minimal Tape Dispenser

Finding the end of the tape on a roll often takes an eternity. Cleverly, the Zyp-Zyp Minimal Tape Dispenser eliminates this problem like a normal tape dispenser might but without the actual dispenser — and with a cutting edge far more efficient than plastic. Zyp-Zyp is manufactured in Germany by centrifugal casting of Nicaflor, a copper, nickel and tin alloy, and installs on standard tape rolls 12mm in width and of any diameter. The way it works isn’t what you’d expect and is hard to describe, so we recommend checking out their video at the link below. But we’ll still try: press down on the end with the cutting edge to unstick the tape that’s been passed through the hole from the roll, then pull and cut at desired length before sticking it back down.

Find it at Zyp-Zyp – roughly $27 [via]