Zolo Liberty+ Wireless Earphones

You might not be familiar with Zolo but chances are you’ve heard of their parent company, Anker, which makes some pretty solid stuff. Their latest sub-brand is taking a swing at the wireless headphone niche with Zolo Liberty+ Wireless Earphones. Besides a graphene-coated dynamic driver for improved sound quality and what amounts to almost instant wireless pairing, these earphones are sweat resistant, fit comfortably thanks to liquid-silicon eartips that adapt to all ears (while passively sealing out ambient noise), and feature Bluetooth 5.0 with an LDS antenna integrated into the earphone body that boosts range and the robustness of the connection. And while the buds themselves last for a decent 3.5 hours of playtime, their charging cases can refuel them repeatedly to total 48 hours before it needs a charge as well.

Read more at Kickstarter – $ 100