Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer

After a grueling 18 holes, a well deserved respite at the mythical mulligan-free 19th hole is in order. After that you may well need a breathalyzer, but long before that the Zepp Gold 3D Swing Analyzer makes par a reality and not just a goal. Zepp’s lightweight golf glove-mounted sensor paired with the proprietary app (that communicates via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet) turns your swing into a 3D diagnostic treasure trove of golfing goodness. Track club head speed, club plane, backswing and much more with Zepp’s 360 degree motion capture technology. Replay and view your swing from any angle or overlay your swings to uncover your metrics, allowing Zepp to provide personalized tips and coaching to improve your game.

Grab one on Amazon – $150