Yuneec Typhoon H

Sure, its six propeller-equipped arms will probably garner the most attention. But the Yuneec Typhoon H really distinguishes itself from competitors — including DJI’s latest Phantom 4 — thanks to the implementation of Intel’s RealSense technology, which uses dual Intel cameras and a processor along with sophisticated software to understand its environment and avoid everything in its way including branches, trees, electric pylons, and more. A 4K camera on the end of a 3-axis anti-vibration CGo3+ gimbal captures stable video and 12.4 megapixel shots, and can also be rotated 360 degrees without turning the drone around. A slew of autonomous flight modes follow a person or point of interest (made particularly useful thanks to its object avoidance tech) while retractable landing gear clears the way for the camera and pop-off props install quicker. And coming back to the six rotors: they retract for portability, and only five are necessary for flight, meaning if one fails the drone can still be landed safely.

Grab one at Amazon or learn more at Yuneec – $1,300