Xeric Soloscope

They’ve been bringing you news on the most interesting timepieces by way of Watchismo, and even designed a watch or two in the last couple of years. The Xeric Soloscope is their latest. It’s another affordable automatic mechanical timepiece like their Halograph but with looks unique enough to set it apart from the thousands of other options in the price range. A single hand circles the hours and points to the minutes with its tip, making its way around the face once every 24 hours. The other half of its face displays its twin balance wheels, and the way they’re laid out — the watch on the right side — works perfectly to peek out from underneath your shirt’s cuff. A 36 hour power reserve, a sapphire-coated K1 crystal lens, and a Horween leather strap round out the timepiece. And if you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, a Quartz-powered Soloscope costs a fair bit less.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $240 (quartz) to $400 (automatic)