Work Hard Anywhere

Unless you’re a politician or a Kardashian, chances are you know what hard work is all about. But there’s a subset of hard workers that labor outside the cubical to get things done. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and out of the box thinkers often do some of their best work out of the office. For these modern day bards and warriors, finding a suitable environment can be a challenge, especially when operating in a foreign city. The Work Hard Anywhere app solves the problem of finding a decent workspace or café by connecting the community of outré office professionals and allows them to share and explore great spots. Locations are rated by internet access, outlets, parking, price, capacity, and even food, so you know just what to expect. Frustration need no longer be associated with finding a place to connect to the web. Instead, you can focus on changing the world, or at least your corner of it.

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