Wolffepack Capture Camera Backpack

If nothing stands out to you about the Wolffepack Capture Camera Backpack in the above picture, take a closer look (hint: the rightmost guy right still has the shoulder straps on). Wolffepack’s patented expetoSYSTEM allows for lowering the bag quickly by simply unhooking a single release on the right shoulder strap, letting you then grab it and swing it around towards the front for full access without wasting time taking it off. If you need to really dig in there the bag’s hooks can latch onto the front of the shoulder straps so you can go at it with two hands. Other feature include thick padding, a microfibre-lined 15-inch laptop sleeve, a split level design that grants access to both the top and bottom contents of the bag separately, and an optional camera pod that properly shields your camera equipment from bumps and bruises.

Grab one at Kickstarter – roughly $130+