Withings Body Cardio Scale

Withings’ line of scales are gradually pulling a disappearing act in growing ever slimmer, now down to an ultra-thin 0.7-inches with the latest Withings Body Cardio Scale. But on top of letting you track your weight over time with pleasant graphs on a smartphone, the Body Cardio also tracks a myriad of other metrics including full body composition (total body fat, water percentage, bone and muscle mass), heart rate, and Pulse Wave Velocity, a key indicator of cardiovascular risk. All derived data is instantly synced to the Withings Health Mate app for more detailed analysis of trends and goals. And despite all of this the scale itself is incredibly easy to use, with no feet to adjust and guaranteed accuracy on any surface. Tracks up to 8 users, comes in black or white, and lasts 12 months per charge.

Learn more at Withings – $180