Withings Activité Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are not an inconspicuous bunch: from their bulky plastic or silicone designs to big digital screens, they were designed with function in mind, with form that didn’t quite follow. But Withings Activité Fitness Tracker changes all that. This handsome analog watch could just as well be equipped with a mechanical movement, but instead packs a one-year battery life and electronics that work in conjunction with Withings’ Health Mate application to track your results, performance, and progress. It also monitors your sleep, waking you up at your desired time with gentle vibrations over rambunctious alarms. And despite its good looks, Activité is based around a Swiss-made stainless steel case capped with sapphire crystal, making it waterproof to 50 meters and rugged enough to follow you through your daily workouts.

Shipping this fall. Find it at Withings – $390