Wiivv BASE 3D Printed Insoles

The average person takes around 2,000 steps a day. And even more so if you work on your feet, which quickly adds up to fatigue, aching, and diminished athletic performance if your shoes don’t fit right, or worse, damage over time. Fortunately Wiivv’s BASE 3D printed insoles eschew the need for pricy orthotics. Working with biomechanical experts in sports medicine and pedorthics, BASE is the first customizable insole that can be personalized right from the comfort of your home using nothing but an iOS device (Android coming in summer). Download the Wiivv app, input measurements, then follow the video walkthroughs to capture two photos of each foot. Afterwards, mix and match colors and patterns for a design customized to your liking before a perfectly fitted 3D pair ships to your door.

Grab a pair at Kickstarter – $50+ (early bird pricing)