Whaletone Royal Digital Grand Piano

Grand pianos are already bold and beautifully dominating pieces. The Whaletone Royal Digital Grand Piano, however, is on another level. With the sweeping lines and smoothness of the aquatic mammal after which it’s named, this piano is adapted to chamber performances and can even fill the largest of stadiums thanks to its digital output. In fact, the piece boasts a built-in Roland sound processor with numerous natural-sounding piano choices to choose from including those from vintage models of the mid to late 20th century. While there are no strings or hammers, the PHA III Ivory Feel keyboard features fully balanced escapement to imitate the feel of real keys while reacting acoustically to the slightest of nuances in pressure. The finishing touch is an electrically-lifted hood that rises at the push of a button to reveal the piano’s five speakers.

Learn more at Whaletone – $110,000