WeMo Mini Smart Plug

Remember those clumsy timer plugs used for sprinklers, heaters, and thwarting would-be burglars by scheduling when the lights would go on? WeMo’s Mini Smart Plug is like those, only better in every possible way. The single-outlet plug simply sits between your appliance and the wall, and the WeMo app controls power delivery live from anywhere with internet access, whether at home or on the other side of the planet. Of course you can set up simple or complex schedules within the app too, protecting your home even better than old school mechanical timer plugs thanks to randomized power delivery to your lights, turning them on and off to make it look like somebody’s actually home. Since it’s slim two can be plugged into the same one outlet and it also takes voice commands to Alexa on your Amazon Echo for seamless control around the house without having to whip out your phone every time.

Grab one at Amazon – $35