Weltevree Groundfridge

It’ll give you storage space equivalent to twenty refrigerators without using one ounce of electricity for cooling. The Weltevree Groundfridge doesn’t need any of the latter since it’s instead cooled by the underground to a relatively constant 50 degrees Fahrenheit — ideal for storing fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and tons of wine. It’s completely air- and watertight so it won’t get infested by anything you don’t let in, and has LEDs which will technically use a bit of power unless you’ve got the higher-tech model with solar panels built in its doors and a battery for these to charge. Plus, installation doesn’t require any sort of special permits nor does it require taking any dug-up soil off-site: all the excess is simply piled on top when burying it to make an insulating dome.

Learn more at Weltevree – $10,000+