Wellington Chocolate Factory

Striving for the top spot in any niche requires an obsessive involvement with process. And the methods used at the Wellington Chocolate Factory for making their craft chocolate bars can only be described as obsessive. The best farmers are hand-picked from around the globe to deliver single-origin beans, which are then roasted, cracked, winnowed, conched and tempered, all in-house using artisanal methods of several centuries prior. Unsurprisingly, the results are exciting, with flavors such as Chilli Lime Nuts (hints of Kaffir lime, chilli, peanuts, and ginger), Salted Brittle Caramel, a Craft Beer Bar (with Gladfield toffee malt and Nelson Sauvin Hops), and, of course, a range of more traditional single-origin chocolates. Each is then hand-wrapped in packaging adorned with designs by local New Zealand artists.

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