Vulture Blades

From the first time you pick up a Vulture blade, you’ll notice a difference.  All their edged tools are given a name that’s in line with part of the anatomy of the species they were “modeled” after, with a classic, simple, utility-driven design in mind. These heat-treated 1095 knives are specifically designed for hard outdoor use by true outdoorsmen, from field dressing an elk to carrying out missions of a more tactical nature, equipped with ultra sharp blades and a Trocar tip that allows clean and effective piercing. Even the handles are crafted to maximize grip and abate discomfort that can be associated with prolong use, maximizing control for delicate cutting or piercing stabbing applications. A recess in the handle also provides a stash for hiding standard ferrocerium fire starter rods while a kydex sheath with MOLLE attachment points protects the blade and offers just about any mounting position you can think of.

Learn more at Vulture Equipment Works – $190