Von Vantage Minimalist Wallets

Men’s wallets are predominantly packed with pockets and sleeves, easily tanking tons of cash, cards, receipts, coupons, and all sorts of junk we all accumulate on a daily basis. Problem is, on top of enabling hoarding, they’re also poorly designed and as a consequence, unnecessarily thicker than we’d like, even when empty. Von Vantage wallets are a different story. These wallets are crafted of one long strip of premium vegetable tanned leather and use as few cuts as possible, reducing bulk to a minimum. Their Arkän (shown) organizes up to 6 cards in individual card slots while the PÅÅLM stashes up to 8 – 7 in a card pocket and one in a quick-reach slot. They both also carry a wad of bills behind a flap, securing your cash while avoiding the pitfalls (namely bulkiness) of money folded twice over that so many minimal wallets require.

Check out the lineup at Von Vantage – $60 to $65