Volocopter 2X Air Taxi

It looks like an oversized drone with extra rotors, and that’s basically exactly what it is. The two-person Volocopter 2X Air Taxi boasts an array of 18 rotors for redundancy, safety, and efficiency, so even several of them ceasing or malfunctioning won’t bring this aircraft down. Many other crucial components are also redundant and there’s a parachute on board as well, just in case, though the 2X promises to be much safer than traditional choppers to begin with. It’s also much easier to fly, not unlike a drone, with a myriad of sensors and flight control systems that stabilize the aircraft in winds and maintain altitude and position when the joystick is released. Though technically an on-board pilot isn’t even required: it can be flown remotely, or even autonomously, regulations permitting.

Should be ready for a public release within a year or so. Read more at Volocopter – $TBA