Volkswagen California Camper Van

Nothing riles up our sense of adventure quite as much as the thought of driving cross-country in a mobile home. Volkswagen’s new California Camper Van employs a fuel efficient TDI engine with start-stop system, regenerative braking, and roll-resistant optimized tires, a rear view reversing camera, adaptive cruise control that intuitively adjusts speed to the driver in front, and of course an iconic pop-up roof with sleeping area. It’s also a full featured home with integrated roller blinds for shade and privacy, a camping table, another double bed, a kitchen unit with cool box, gas stove, and sink, and a comfortable vertical height of six and a half feet. Unfortunately, despite its name, you’ll need to get creative to actually buy one in the USA (or, alternately, just grab a used Westfalia), since they won’t be hitting our shores anytime soon.

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