Volcano Grills Camping Stove

Besides portability, versatility is the Volcano Grills Camping Stove’s thing. The compact stove collapses down to just 5-inches in height to simplify transportation and can run on three different types of fuels: propane, charcoal, or wood. The latter two fuels are burnt efficiently resulting in a concentrated heat zone thanks to an adjustably vented cone-shaped chamber and insulated bottom that deflects heat away from the ground. If it’s simplicity you’re after, plug in its 19,500 BTU burner to a tank of propane and start grilling. They’ll also sell you a heat-resistant lid to trap heat for grilling or smoking, a reversible cast-iron griddle, a dutch oven, and other accessories to further optimize its use.

Find it at Amazon – $160 [via]

A lovely camping stove that would sit perfectly in front of your big camper tent.