Vintage Beer: A Taster’s Guide

If you love beer – really love the nuances, the regional character, even the sound of the cap extraction making way for your lips, Patrick Dawson’s Vintage Beer: A Taster’s Guide to Brews That Improve Over Time is a tome you’ll want to revisit time after time. Just as wine improves over time under the right conditions, so too will high alcoholic content brews, conditioned beers that are bottled with yeast, barleywines, and others. The aging process changes the flavor of the beer in delicious ways, and so Vintage Beer explains what makes a good candidate for aging and what to look for when sampling aged beer. If you’re interested in the science behind the process, he covers that too. And if all that wasn’t enough the book also contains a buyers’ guide, helping you select from a variety of ready to age beers to add to your fledgling collection.

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