Vier Compact U-Lock

If you’ve got a bike worth securing, it comes as no surprise that U-locks are the preferred choice. Unfortunately, they’re also heavy and bulky, universally requiring specific mounting adapters or backpacks to lug them around comfortably. And that’s why Vier was born. While it might not do much to remedy the weight that comes naturally with thick, steel U-locks, Vier features two locking bodies and two 14mm hardened steel shackles that come apart completely to pack away nicely into its burrito-sized storage bag that’s then easily be thrown into a pack or strapped underneath your bike’s saddle. It’s also pick and drill resistant, withstands 1.5 tons in pull strength test, and theoretically supports swappable shackle lengths should you ever desire a longer lock (though for security’s sake, we suggest keeping it small).

Check it out at Kickstarter – $75