Victorinox Pioneer Nespresso Swiss Army Knife

Wonder where those Nespresso pods you send off for recycling end up? A few got repurposed as part of the Victorinox Pioneer Nespresso Swiss Army Knife. Uniquely, the bronze-colored scales of the knife are made of aluminum recycled from 24 of the coffee pods, bearing a Nespresso badge on the flip side of the Victorinox logo, as well as a stamp on the base of its blade to constantly remind you. Besides the latter, the knife also bears all the same features as the classic pioneer, also including a reamer and punch, a can opener, two flathead screwdrivers, a bottle opener, and a wire stripper. Limited to a run of 750 units.

Launching shortly. Learn more at Victorinox – $55 – Check out Victorinox on Amazon.