Vi AI Personal Trainer

Self-motivating is difficult: ask anyone who’s ever ended up hired a personal coach. LifeBEAM’s Vi AI Personal Trainer is the latter, minus the human (and associated long-term costs) with the added convenience of being ready to go whenever you are. Hardware-wise Vi is a hearable device with Harman/Kardon soundm, battery life that lasts over 8 hours, and physical activity tracking that includes heart rate, motion, and environment. Listen to music while you’re working out or answer calls. But the real innovation is Vi’s AI-powered personal trainer that analysis your biometrics, providing real-time insights to optimize results, improve your running technique, prevent injuries that might slow you down, and help maintain your heart rate in the target zone. One note: right now Vi’s software focuses on running so if you prefer other sports you’re somewhat out of luck, though more activities are promised in the future.

Find it at Kickstarter – $200