Vessi Beer Fementor & Dispenser

Home brewing beer is an undeniably lengthy process. Spend more days brewing and fewer days waiting with the Vessi Beer Fementor & Dispenser. Instead of taking four weeks Vessi can get the job done in as few as seven days (at least with some types of beer) and with less effort, taking care of cooling, heating, pressure regulation, and cutting time consuming steps out of the process. Vessi doesn’t brew but gets to work as soon as you transfer your cooled wort into the sanitized tank. When fermentation is done, the sediment removal system clears sediment without opening or depressurizing the tank, and any extra aromas or flavors can be added using the liquid injection system, which also minimizes exposure of light and oxygen to contents. It’s also got a pouring tap so you don’t need to bottle, or otherwise ever really open Vessi, until your 6 gallons or so of brewed beer are all drunk.

Check it out at Indiegogo – $1,400