Veppo Electronic Cigars

They look like cigars, down to the paper wrapping and cigar band. The tip is even chewable thanks to a soft mouthpiece underneath the textured paper wrapping that’s protected from humidity thanks to a special coating. But you won’t need a match to light up one of Veppo’s Electronic Cigars. To use, just pull, and it instantly comes to life. The tail end lights up while pulling to emulate a slow burn, and the cigar produces a thick, tasty vapor with varying degrees of nicotine (or none at all). Their standard cigars come in both light and dark brown colors in eight flavors — including tobacco, cuban cigar, vanilla, and chocolate — and last for about 1,800 puffs. Though they’re also available in a rechargeable version that recharges via USB, can be refilled with cheaper Cartomizers good for 900 puffs each, and that are just slightly longer than their disposable cigars.

Grab some at Veppo – $30+