Vector Luna Smartwatch

When a watch is clean, crisp and simple in design, it’s expected to be stripped-down — that is, without many technological bells and whistles. But when a timepiece seamlessly blends those principles with cutting-edge technology the result is an entirely different beast. Vector’s line of smartwatches pair the classic look of timeless watches with an incredible 30-day battery life and all the functionality we’ve come to expect from smartwatches. In particular, the Vector Luna tracks your steps, distance walked, calories burned and even the quality and duration of your sleep — and that’s just the start. It’s crafted from a 44mm solid stainless steel case and can be customized with trackers, alarms and an ever-expanding list of branded apps. Meeting reminders, messages and your daily schedule pop up seamlessly too, thanks to the always-on monochromatic display. Add in sharp looks in a myriad of color and strap combinations, and it’s boardroom-ready. What more could you ask for from a watch?

Learn more at Amazon ($250+) or Vector ($300+)