Vanual Campervan DIY Guide

Yearn for a view that changes as days go by and miles rack up? The Vanual Campervan DIY Guide wants to help you make it happen, and not by selling you a used Westfalia, mind you, but rather by enabling you to build a road-worthy campervan yourself. Filmmaker Zack Both did the research and built his own from a used but reliable 2003 Chevy Express for about twelve grand, adding in insulation, a wood floor, a gorgeous lath ceiling, a bed, as well as the electrical setup to run the lights, a fridge, a fan, and smaller electrical doodads. A handful of concise tips and hints on tackling safety, sleeping (stealthily), hygiene, as well as making a living on the road are also included, and which, frankly, are as important as building the van itself.

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