Vanmoof Electrified S

It’s got an electric motor, as its name suggests, but you’d never guess by looking at it. The Vanmoof Electrified S is about as sleek as electric bikes could ever hope to be, with its electric motor, battery, and all associated electronics tucked away cleanly inside its aluminum frame. At 40 pounds it’s also one of the lightest on the market and gets, on a single charge, a total range of about 75 miles. Start pedaling and you’ll reach its assisted speed of up to 20 mph quickly, though on-tap acceleration via Power Boost augments the power output of the motor at the push of a button to effortlessly tackle headwinds and hills without having to spin the pedals frantically. It’s also chock-full of other high-tech features including keyless unlock — which unlocks the bike when you place your hand on its frame after detecting the presence of your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone — a touchpad screen that displays speed, distance, power lever, and battery life, and integrated front and back LED lights.

Get It HERE – $2998