Vanhawks Valour Smart Bike

We love biking as much as the next guy, but we’re not fooling ourselves into thinking it’s safe, at least when compared to other methods of transportation. But we’re betting Vankawks’ Valour Smart Bike can help. Thanks to a carbon fibre unibody construction with internal wall structure (think bones instead of hollow tubes), Valour’s frame can better withstands extreme three-dimensional stress while keeping weight off – the bike in its entirety weighs a mere 16 pounds. Interplay also occurs between your smartphone, their turn-by-turn navigation app, and Valour’s slew of sensors, compiling data every time you hit a pothole, detecting and warning you of other commuters in your blind spots, monitoring elevations of each route to help better get around hills, and, if stolen, talking to other nearby Valours on the road to notify you in hopes of maximizing chance of recovery. And it never needs a battery swap or manual recharge thanks to a front wheel dynamo that tops up all the electronics within one hour.

Pledge at Kickstarter – roughly $910+