Vadolibero Bike Safe

Bikes: they’re sitting ducks for thieves and even double as the getaway vehicle. If yours is at risk in your own home or garage then Vadolibero Bike Safe should pique your interest. Mounting is done with four included anchors that are covered up by a satin stainless steel plate, the same material used in the rest of the Italian-made mount. It’s also versatile thanks to a tube-shaped bracket that’s telescopic to fit virtually every handlebar in existence, from narrow road bikes to extra-wide mountain bikes. Its base features a Technogel pad to prevent scratches and tilts to hold bicycles with inclined top tubes straight. And of course it’s equipped with an anti-picking radial pins tumbler cylinder bike lock that secures automatically when closed and only unlocks with the three included sets of keys. Available in two variants: the standard S-304 stainless steel and a S-316 version with higher corrosion resistance that’s suited for outdoor use, even in the vicinity of the sea.

Learn more at Indiegogo – roughly $345