Uuni Pro Outdoor Oven

Like the original the portable Uuni Pro Outdoor Oven lets one make pizzas and other oven-baked foods quickly just about anywhere. But the Pro isn’t just restricted to burning wood, running on that or pellets, charcoal, or gas (with an optional gas burner add-on), all while offering twice the cooking surface of the 2S. The added space makes this Uuni big enough for a 16-inch pizza or large loafs of bread as well as giant slabs of meat, fish, or trays of vegetables, and since it can reach temperatures as high as 900˚F in about 15 minutes it can cook very quickly (a pizza takes just 90 seconds so chain them to feed larger gatherings). Each also includes a Pizza Door that’s got an opening big enough to slide pizza in and out and that’s completely removable for cooking up the other, thicker aforementioned foods.

Find it at Kickstarter – $500