UTL Ninja Footwear

Unbelievable Testing Laboratory’s Ninja are so called for a reason: they weigh in at less than 130 grams (roughly 4.6 ounces) per shoe. But weight isn’t everything. Based off of their original Light Wing shoes, Ninja takes them to the next level, greatly simplifying the manufacturing process and coalescing components down to just eight main pieces. A refined cupped EVA foam outsole reduces weight while maintaining strength and comfort, and a non-split terylene Microfiber upper naturally repels water while remaining extremely soft to the touch. Best of all, their weight and size make them ideal for travelling or as a spare pair: compress them down using the reusable velcro strap, pack them in the Tyvek back in which they came, then throw them in your carry-on or backpack.

Hit up Kickstarter for deets – $55