UPPRCASE and lowrCASE for iPad

We generally favour keeping our devices case-free – yes, ’cause they just feel better naked, but also because we haven’t really seen that many cases that impress us. The UPPRCASE and lowrCASE have some sort of hold on us, maybe due to their sheer sexiness and simplicity. In case you’re wondering, the difference is between the two is:

UPPRCASE: comes with a smart-cover-like protector attached
lowrCASE: BYOSC (bring your own smart cover)

The key feature is the rotating U-bar that acts to prop up the iPad at different angles and doubles a carrying handle. The protective cover on the UPPRCASE also straps down tight with an elastic to prevent opening and facilitates one-handed holding. Overall we think these may just be the most functional iPad cases to date.

Check out their project over at Kickstarter – 50-60$.