UltraX Folding Bike

Cleveland, home of carbon fiber and the Go-Go’s song most remembered because of a Dilbert look-alike. It’s this lightweight material that gives the UltraX Folding Bike a stiff, vibration absorbing ride that’s most often associated with aluminum frame bikes. Not only are the frame and fork made of carbon fiber, so too is the seat, dampening an already smooth ride. Even the crank set benefits from carbon fiber construction. A 20 speed SRAM X9 drivetrain boasts the range needed to make powering up steep terrain or leisurely cruising a breeze. But what makes the UltraX all the more amazing is its ability to fold to a tiny size for transport, aided by its paltry weight of 18.75 pounds. You can stow it in your trunk without having to move the body and still have room to spare.

Find it at Allen Sports – $5,000