Turboline Salad Spinner

The last thing we want diluting the dressing on our already seldomly-eaten salads is residue water from the washing process, lest we further decrease our vegetable intake to dangerous levels. Emsa’s Turboline Salad Spinner ensures this won’t happen: pull the ripcord to get that drum spinning and rid your greens of water. If its standard rotation speed doesn’t quite crank your gears, hold down the turbo button while yanking the cord for 50% faster rotation speeds, akin to shifting to a higher gear on a bike. Else, it holds 4.5-litres of salad, features a non-slip base, and comes in either stainless steel or transparent formats. That said, we still can’t help hoping that the next generation model features batteries and a high-speed motor for ultra-lazy operation.

Learn more at Amazon – $60