Tudor Pelagos LHD

The odds you’re in the market for a premium left-handed diver are likely slim, but on the off chance that you are you’ll absolutely love the Tudor Pelagos LHD, short for Left Hand Drive. The all-titanium watch features a winding stem that’s positioned on the left side of the case that allows for wearing on the right wrist and, on the other side, a helium escape valve that enables (and guarantees) depths as great as 500 meters. Powering the Pelagos LHD is Tudor’s automatic in-house MT5612 movement with a 70 hour power reserve that’ll keep on ticking even if you don’t wear your watch on weekends. Also of note is beige luminescent markings on the hands, hour markers, and bezel, plus a titanium bracelet with an auto-adjustable buckle that can be set to automatically shrink as your neoprene wetsuit is compressed at greater depths and then expand as you make your way to the surface.

Learn more at Tudor – $4,770