Tubecore Duo

Fusing new-age convenience with old school design, Tubecore’s Duo isn’t quite your grandfather’s speaker but could practically pass as one. At least until you spot the USB and HDMI ports on the back, its sophisticated pressure sensitive control knob, and its armament of connectivity and streaming options, including WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, XBMC Media Center for streaming HD movies using its in-built Raspberry Pi. While the Duo is wrapped in a sturdy, sleek hardwood case fitted with a removable magnetic speaker cover, looks aren’t everything, so it’s built around a 48v Class A Tube Preamp with upgradeable vacuum tubes (illuminated by user-controllable RGB LEDs), a 100w solid state amp, dual 4-inch composite cone drivers, and a 3-inch 30w long-throw subwoofer. Hell, it’s even got traditional phono and line level inputs in the back for plugging in the old fashioned way, meaning the Tubecore Duo is poised to please just about everyone.

Learn more at Tubecore – $480