True Syrup

If you take crafting your cocktails seriously enough to warrant quality spirits, don’t skimp on garnish and accessory ingredients. True Syrup makes it their mission to not only avoid chemicals and subpar ingredients but to make their syrups the pre-prohibition way. Their Tonic Syrup swaps out high fructose corn syrup and lab-derived quinine with cane sugar and Peruvian cinchona bark, integrating well with gin, vodka, or whiskey and mixing with club soda if a recipe calls for tonic water. They also make a Grenadine Syrup from real pomegranate juice instead of HFCS, cherry flavoring, and red dye, adding to ginger ale to make a mean Shirley Temple. Both are packaged in a handsome wax-stamped 375ml bottle and keep for 6+ months once opened and refrigerated, leaving you plenty of time to experiment.

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