TriLight Garage Light

How many sci-fi writers does it take to screw in a light bulb? Striker Concepts’ TriLight makes the question obsolete. The TriLight is a 3,000 lumen output LED light that screws into any standard light socket to provide illumination for any application, using just 25 watts of power. That’s 2.6 times more efficient than traditional bulbs and 3.8 times brighter. It’s especially suited to garages where it’s common to find antique 60 watt bulbs hanging 12 feet overhead and casing barely enough light to produce a shadow. Microwave technology motion sensor technology activates the light at the slightest movement — for instance the garage door opening — and shuts off after two minutes if no further movement is detected. Though if you like the idea of manually controlling your lights via an arcane switch, the TriLight can work like that too. The design also corporates heat sinks around the LEDs to prevent overheating and that can be adjusted to shine light in various directions.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $100