Treeline Roof-Top Tent

We’d have to say that while we sort of take pleasure in setting up a campsite, building and later collapsing tents is probably amongst our most dreaded tasks. Treeline’s Roof-Top Tent simplifies the process by cutting out a few steps. First, the tent unfolds without even needing to remove it from your roof rack-equipped vehicle, setting up in just a few minutes and then packing away within its heavy duty travel cover when you’re ready to once again hit the road. It also eliminates the need to look for even ground, handling loads of up to 770 pounds entirely unsupported thanks to 1″ thick aluminum floors and anodized aluminum poles. It’s also equipped with 3 big windows fitted with zippered fine mesh to keep out all sorts of tiny insects, a folding aluminum ladder, frees up your vehicle’s cargo space, and offers an optional changing room, shown at right.

Check out the full lineup at Treeline Outdoors – $880+