TPC Titanium Pocket Clip

With a solid 18 projects launched on Kickstarter to date, Chadwick & Joe are no novices when it comes to crafting EDC-worthy gear. Their latest? The TPC Titanium Pocket Clip, a tiny Grade 5 titanium pocket tool that keeps your keys from drowning to the depths of your pockets. But since just one function is never enough, they’ve also integrated a bottle opener, hex bit driver, and either a ruler (by way of ten 1-inch increments along one side of the clip) or a 22 lumen LED flashlight, the latter running on three watch batteries for a total 40 hours of on time. The flashlight is also water resistant and swings to the higher end of the quoted price spectrum below, but it’s well worth it considering it doesn’t take up any extra room on your keychain.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $30 to $40