Tops Knives M4X Punisher

In any action movie the hero’s bound to carry one of a select group of guns. John McClane, Beretta 92. Dirty Harry, Smith and Wesson Model 29. Jason Borne, Sig 225 or 229. And while the list may go on for shootists, what of the hero that wants to carry a blade? Selected as Frank Castle’s go to slicer from 30 other knives for its performance in the movie Punisher War Zone, the M4X Punisher from Tops Knives offers more than just a pretty face, though the M4X Punisher has a pretty badass façade to boot. The razor sharp blade is only the “hello, how are you” of the M4X. This 13.5-inch 1095 RC 56-58 steel beast can break down doors, chop down trees, hack through brush, snap a couple of collar bones and still be ready to notch logs or quarter game. Finished in tactical grey with black linen micarta handles, it’s ready for years of serious use.

Grab one at Amazon ($185) or Tops Knives ($280)