Tobacco Humidor Candle

Nothing is more soothing at the end of a tough day than aged single malt and a fine cigar. But social morays what they are it can be difficult to find the time or place to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and aficionados of the smoking art know some things can’t be rushed. While there’s no replacement for opening your humidor, selecting a cigar like a sommelier would choose a fine wine, and pursuing your own relaxation ritual, the Tobacco Humidor Candle offers the next best thing. The intoxicating aroma of rich tobacco an musky cedar that tantalizes the olfactory when opening your humidor have been captured in a 100% soy wax candle. While not hand rolled, these candles are hand made in New Jersey and can fill your room or office with the scent of a stocked humidor — all without exposing your cigars to dry air.