Tiwal 3.2 Inflatable Sailboat

We don’t all have room for a sailboat and a trailer in our backyards; hell, we don’t all have back yards. Fortunately, for the Tiwal 3.2 it doesn’t matter if all you’ve got is some extra closet space. This high performance sailing dinghy is inflatable and weighs in at 111 pounds, collapsing down to fit into even the smallest of cars en route to a suitable body of water. After assembly – which takes roughly 20 minutes – the 3.2 measures 10.5 feet long and comfortably supports up to two adults, or one adult plus two children. It also boasts a wide V-shaped underbody for stability, is extremely easy to right in the event of capsize, and comes with one of two sizes of high-clearance, boomless sails – a standard 5.2 sqm sail, or 7.0 sqm for the more adventurous.

Learn more at Tiwal – roughy $6,200