Timber Mountain Bike Bell

Biking trails instead of roads necessitates a different kind of bell. The Timber Mountain Bike Bell is the first designed specifically for mountain biking, boasting hands-free usage to let you maintain a firm grip on your bicycle’s handles. A lever controls the internal clapper which continuously provides an audible cue as to your location as long as you’re in motion (detected by a motion sensor in the bell). If no one’s near slide it down to silence the bell, and if the chances you’re heard are slim slide it up for a louder sound. It’s completely silent when off, keeping you completely sane, whereas other bike-mounted cowbells or bear bells won’t stop ringing for your entire ride. Its small, solid brass cowbell emits a nice non-aggressive ring, and it fits all handlebar diameters between 22mm to 35mm, changing easily thanks to its quick release mount.

Grab one at Amazon – $20 [via]