TIHK EvadeClip

TIHK — or Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key, named after their first product — has been making tools to facilitate your ability to escape and elude capture from its conception. And the TIHK EvadeClip is no different in its raison d’être, except for the fact that it’s packed with more such tools than any of its predecessors. This thin, tiny fold up tool measures just 2.5-inches in length and features a 3 piece lock pick set, a mini saw, and a carbide grid rod saw, all in all helping you open locks, cut rope, zip ties, tape, and more, and even work your way through metal. Dark, non-reflective coatings covers all exposed metal components to make for a stealthy carry and a pocket clip ensures it’s easy to discreetly stash the EvadeClip in a pocket or bag.

Grab one at TIHK – $25