Ti2 TechLiner Pen

We love Pilot’s fine Hi-Tec-C ink cartridges, but frankly they’re a little tough to get a hold of in our neck of the woods. Enter Uni-Ball’s Signo 207, the companion cartridge to Mike Bond’s Ti2 TechLiner Pen. Available in ultrafine sizes down to 0.38mm, it writes extremely smoothly and features anti-fraud ink, preventing check washing. And the pen around it isn’t too shabby, either: the TechLiner is entirely machined from pure titanium billets and sports one of four finishes – tumbled, gonzodized, matte black, or blackwash (shown). It’s also got a quick-to-remove cap that sticks thanks to neodymium magnets on both ends, optional pocket clips (add ten bucks), and a machined grip that won’t ever quit.

Pick one up on Kickstarter – $55+