Ti Pocket Pro Auto Adjusting EDC Pen

Big Idea Design’s been good about making versatile pens compatible with a wide range of refill types. But their latest, the Ti Pocket Pro Auto Adjusting EDC Pen, takes this idea to the final iteration. Every pen in the above image is actually the same model — except of course for color and the ink cartridge inside — which is made possible to a clever telescopic design that fits over 80 types of refills without the need for extra parts or hacks of any sort. It’s also got an auto-adjusting collet at the tip that squeezes snugly around the pen tip to eliminate wiggling regardless of diameter. A shorter length versus other pens as well as a thick, textured grip means the Ti Pocket Pro is ideal as part of your everyday carry. As for accepted refills: well, the list is downright massive, but spans some of our favorites including Pilot’s Hi-Tec C (Cavalier variant) and the Fisher Space Pen cartridge.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $60+