Three Jerks Jerky

At last count, there were 2,235,309 different brands of beef jerky all claiming to be the best. Flavors like Crisco-Tang, or XVOO-beef vie for the title of best dried meat. Three Jerks Jerky has found a winning recipe, and the main ingredient isn’t love — though that’s in there too. Psoas major or filet mignon is the difference between the Jerks jerky and all others. The best meat and real ingredients with no additives like nitrates, MSG or preservatives come together to make the finest beef jerky available. Three kick’n flavors take advantage of the tender, buttery filet; Original, Memphis BBQ, or Chipotle Adobo, so grab one individually or try all three with the Three Jerks three pack.

Grab a pack at Amazon or Three Jerks Jerky – $15