Threadsmiths Hydrophobic Shirts

Sometimes an idea is sparked by the errant flap of a curtain, watching a squirrel eat a nut, or observing how a lotus leaf sheds water. In the case of Threadsmiths inspiration struck from the latter. Their obsession with creating the perfect t-shirt began in 2014 and has since expanded to pioneer a new era of essential everyday apparel including tees, polos, and dress shirts. Each was designed from the ground up using an advanced hydrophobic nanotechnology application, making their fabrics water-resistant and stain-repellent: dirt and water simply run off the surface like water off a waxy lotus leaf. This means clothing that lasts longer, resists odor, and though not 100% waterproof or stain-proof, stays much dryer and cleaner than regular cotton. And also means these are the shirts to wear whether you’re getting sloppy at the bar or quickly and messily scarfing down ramen at the office, one way or another entailing less work (read: washing) for you.

Hit up Threadsmiths for details – $50 (tees), $60 (polos), and $90 (shirts)